Stage, Lighting & Sound Specs for Theatre Woodstock – Festival host 2016

Deck 40′ w x 24’d
Deck to Grid 12′ 6″ h
Loading Doors 6′ 10″ h x 5′ 11″ w
Stage Left Archway8′ x 7′
Sprinkler Pipes9′ 10″ from the deck and approx
2ft From SR and SL walls.
Soft Goods (fixed)
Cyclorama back wall, 24 w x 12′ 6” h (white)
Traveler 4′ from the back wall (Black)
Main Curtain 4′ from the deck edge (Red)
Projection Screen (Rear) 3′ from the deck edge

Soft Goods (other)
4 x Black Legs 12′ 6” h 6′ w
2 x Borders 2′ h x 32’w

1 ETC Element 1 control desk.
2 Stand CD80 Dimmer Packs. (24×2.4K Dimmers)
72 circuits from the dimmers to the deck.

32 6′” Fresnels some 500 w and some 750w
6 Altman #360Q 750 w
2 Source 4 750w

16 ETC ColorSource PAR
6 ETC ColorSource CYC
2 ETC Source Four LED series 1

2 Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirrors
2 Rosco DMX Iris
6 Strand Zoom Lekos 25/50 575 w
4 3 colour CODA cyclorama lights
10 16 colour scrollers that fit Fresnel or Altman’s
1 mirror ball

Each of the Instruments has barn doors, safety chains, and gel frames as required. Various other items such as extension cords, splitters, and converter cords.

The sound system is controlled by an Allen-Heath Qu 32 Mixer with AR2412 Extender. There are multiple mic inputs as well as analog inputs for 2 CD. and 1 Computer. There a 3 stereo digital outputs from the computer as well. These are already hooked into the system. There are separate controls for all speakers in the house and 2 monitors on stage. The system has been set up so that any source can be assigned to any speaker and multiple sources can be played at the same time. There is a house PA system for paging in Lobby, Green Room and Dressing Rooms

We have a Christie LW400 3-LCD WXGA Projector. This can be hung from the grid or positioned on a table. control can be from the wings or from the booth.